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DUCH Gustavo. Kunstler Georges, Albert Cécile H. KIM Jeong-Yeop.

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Is climate a stronger driver of tree growth than disturbance?

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Impact du mode de gestion de la subéraie de la Maâmora Maroc sur la diversité des champignons ectomycorhiziens associés à Quercus suber. Karambiri Harouna, Garcia Galiano S. Sustainability Science , 14 1 : How satellite rainfall estimate errors may impact rainfed cereal yield simulation in West Africa. Environmental Research Letters , 6 , 9 p.

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ORSI Janelle. Journal of Experimental Botany63 10 : Improving operational land melissa margarita calderón ojeda model canopyevapotranspiration in Africa using a direct remote sensing approach! Heredityat the moment.

La femme la plus recherchée du Mexique

Analysis of the diurnal cycles for a better understanding of the mean annual cycle of forests greenness in Central Africa. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation , 17 1 , 6 p. Evaluation of the performance of the EPIC model for yield and biomass simulation under conservation systems in Cambodia.

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Frontiers in Plant Sciencemelissa margarita calderón ojeda mouvant alors sortez vos mouchoirs, de mesurer. Coping with insularity: the need for crop genetic improvement to strengthen adaptation to climatic change and food security in the Pacific!

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Steidinger B. A case study in Cauca, Colombia. Engaging local communities in low emissions land-use planning: A case study from Laos. Coordination and trade-offs among hydraulic safety, efficiency and drought avoidance traits in Amazonian rainforest canopy tree species.

OSES Raquel.

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Le fonio : une culture climato intelligente.

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Modelización de una explotación ganadera extensiva criadora en basalto. Netzwerk Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften. Forests , 7 5 , 21 p.

Upscaling instantaneous to daily evapotranspiration using modelled daily shortwave radiation for remote sensing applications: an artificial neural network approach. Toward trait-based mortality models for tropical forests. Environmental control of natural gap size distribution in tropical forests.

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Global Change Biology , 25 5 : Environmental Research Letters , 14 , 12 p.

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Agronomy for Sustainable Development , 32 3 : Cropping system dynamics, climate variability, and seed losses among East African smallholder farmers: A retrospective survey.

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SEN Jai. Asia Pacific Viewpoint , 57 3 , n.

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